Docker: "Uncommanded" activity

I’ve run a WebODM instance on my server for a while now. Updated appx. every month. Yet regularly I see this:

After running for a few days, the User CPU increases drastically, and so does network traffic. When zooming in on the traffic, I see semi-regular spikes of ~750KiB right now, but these spikes increase over time.
Here’s a 7-day graph:

There is no work being done on the server, and a quick restart of the container-stack returns it to the normal (low) value.

Does anyone know what may be causing this?

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Do you have other containers running?

I have several stacks running:

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You’ve definitely isolated the activity to us?

It’s the only container-stack that displays this behavior. I’m no container-guru, so I don’t know exactly how to diagnose this better.

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Some work that does occur when idle will be compressing the PGSQL database and clearing old data out of the NodeODM container. There shouldn’t be anything reach outside of your network, however.

Yeah, I can see that there’s no corresponding traffic in or out of my system. I just find it odd that the webapp-container is sending traffic to the broker-container for days, and the traffic is bursting a couple of MiB each time, and it’s constantly increasing. :confused:

As long as it’s not harmful, I’m ok with it, so I’ll leave it for now.

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