Docker query. Release of assigned resources?

Hi, quicky from a non-tech: does Docker release the assigned hardware resources when closed down?
I accept accurate sarcasm as a valid response!

Sef :slight_smile:

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That really depends.

What backend are you using for Docker?

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Saijin, I am so sorry, you’re unfortunate enough to be trying to help someone with very little knowledge… what is a backend?
I am running the Mac version of ODM if that helps?
Docker version: v20.10.5

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Nah, no worries!

Does help indeed! I assumed you were using the Windows version of Docker, which can optionally use WSL2 as the “engine” behind the scenes, which does do a (mostly good) job of releasing resources under demand.

I believe Docker for Mac does static allocation of resources, so it should release RAM/CPU/GPU upon full close/shutdown, but disk space will remain allocated.

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Thank you, that’s the answer I was hoping for :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark:


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