Docker password reset not sent!

Anyone else had this issue - or a fix?

When I reset my password on Docker - I do not get a reset email in my inbox.
Email address is correct - and I have checked junkmail/spam inboxes.


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We don’t actually link WebODM to any webservices aside from Lightning, so there won’t be a password email sent to your email address.

It is a local password reset on the PostgreSQL database that underpins the WebODM UI.

You shouild get a confirmation message in the console, and or the WebODM Manager GUI (if you’re using it for Windows or MacOS).

Re-open your WebODM page, hit refresh, and you should be prompted to create your credentials anew.


I am not sure if this is what you are looking for but you can reset the password using this

./ start && ./ resetadminpassword newpass

When opening the web browser, I needed to remove ‘/dashboard/’ that would show up in the URL.
Change http://localhost:8000/dashboard/ to http://localhost:8000

Hope this helps

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