Docker/ODP command to produce just an orthophoto


I’m new to Docker and ODM and still don’t quite understand the command-line syntax and the placement of options. What is the correct command to create just an orthophoto from several hundred 640x512 JPEG images? This would be on a Mac with total 16GB of memory.

Also, is it possible to recover the transformations applied to each image used to create the orthomosaic so as to be able to be able to apply the same transformations to another image channel that isn’t included in the JPEG file?


Hi @gpetty
You can find some clues in my workshop presentation about ODM at 24th Cartographic School conference website:

Presentation (svg, 24MB)

Presentation could be displayed with web browser which manage svg format (Mozilla Firefox for example). I hope you find this presentation useful :slight_smile:

Could you write more about those images with information from another part of EM spectrum/band?