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I keep running out of space as I"m using unraid and it has a docker.img where I guess temp space for docker containers is situated and would like to set a volume elsewhere. In docker-compose am I able to add a volume for node-odm.

e.g. /data/webodm/node-odm/temp:/correctnodeodmpath

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Nevermind I found the answer in the github readme.

  - /mnt/user/data/webodm/nodeodm:/var/www/data

Hello, I want to try start node-odm with volume. How did you add the parameter -v on starting the container. I use the Can you explain with example. Thank you

No I can’t sorry, I used docker-compose and the example I posted already is all you need for docker-compose volume. The left hand site of the colon : is the path on the host machine, the right hand side is what node-odm uses and doesn’t change.

This is from the nodeodm readme:
Using an External Hard Drive

If you want to store results on a separate drive, map the /var/www/data folder to the location of your drive:

docker run -p 3000:3000 -v /mnt/external_hd:/var/www/data opendronemap/nodeodm
This can be also used to access the computation results directly from the file system.

and this is from webodm readme:
./ restart --default-nodes 0
so you’d have separate node and webodm. There might be a better way?? I’m not an expert at all only a user really.

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