Docker-machine is not cleaning up after run

So I’ve made great strides with my setup which means I’ve found a new problem. :slight_smile:

I have WebODM using ClusterODM on DigitalOcean for processing with autoscaling, and it successfully spun up a new droplet via docker-machine. The new droplet finished the task within an hour or so, but it’s still sticking around. The ClusterODM README mentions spin up/down so I figure it should be doing the thing. I poked about a bit in the source code and the only time I see it destroying machines is when tasks are aborted. Am I missing something?

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You probably need to set --public-address when starting ClusterODM: ClusterODM/config.js at master · OpenDroneMap/ClusterODM · GitHub

ClusterODM tries to infer it, but it’s often wrong. At the end of processing, nodes make a callback to that address to tell ClusterODM they are done (and tear down the machine).


Setting public address has fixed most idiosyncrasies I’ve seen with clusterodm.


Thank you for the tip! The primary droplet and the spun-up droplets are in the same VPC so I can use the internal IP for this purpose, and I’m 95% sure that’s exposed by the time I spin up the clusterodm container.


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