Docker is corrupted - how to reinstall on Windows?

Hi, Yesterday I was trying to run a fast orthophoto of 1000 images. It failed with the error “ENOSPC: no space left on device, write” (see below). I tried to re-run it but I kept getting an error: “No Processing Node available: node-odm-1 (auto)”. What now?
And to top it all off I see this morning that my Docker ran an update which failed. Now I have no Docker (can’t find it in Windows at all) and WebODM will not start without it. How do I fix Docker (reinstall - I can’t see it ti uninstall though…) and then get WebODM restarted?

Please advise. many thanks!!!


Just remove it from the list of installed applications (control panel), then reinstall it.

Check that you have enough free disk space also.

If it doesn’t show in the list of installed applications… mm, I’m not sure; never seen it happen before.