Docker Desktop Automattically shutting down while away

Hey All,

I am using WebODM via docker Desktop on Windows 10. When I set a data set to run overnight/while I am away, docker desktop seems to automatically close at some point, hence stopping the processing. It seems to continue to run while I am at the computer (work for 8 hrs), but once I go away docker closes at some point. I have my computer set to turn the screen off, but never sleep. The browser with webodm does not close, but it seems the timer stops counting up (I have been away for over 10hrs and the timer says 2 hrs), so I am assuming it stops processing.

Any thoughts/tips on this would be great as I am new to Docker and not sure where to start.


What does the console log say at the end?

If I am looking at the correct thing: userprofile\AppData\Local\Docker\log.txt (there are multiple in this folder, but the one from that day/time).

I can’t upload the whole log. But I did a snip of the last bit.

OK, I’m not that well versed in Docker, but it looks like the error might have occurred before that.

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