Docker and nvidia gpu


On my setup, my nvidia card has a quite powerful gpu and I would like to know if I could update docker to use the CPU and the GPU for the image processing.
I am fairly knowledged to try and use it instead of the normal docker but I don’t know where to start, when following the installation setup details on the webodm website.
Has anyone tried this too?



GPU offloading is currently not supported. It’s on the roadmap:

Awesome!! Can’t wait to test the diference in time results.
What would it take to pass from the LongTerm status to a ShortTerm status?


Completing everything on the short term list first I think. Though I think the developers are open to “sponsorships” if you want something prioritising.

That was kind of what I meant on my reply … BTW, how can we contact the developers?

@pierotofy is the main developer of ODM, though there are others also. If you’re keen to sponsor a particular element then perhaps send him a personal message.