Do you agree on this statement?

A disadvantage to WebODM is that it does not allow point clouds to be exported in State Plane coordinates; the only supported map projection system is UTM. Therefore, to keep the consistent, we used UTM Zone 10 N as the output coordinate system for both Pix4D and WebODM. To enable the accuracy assessment using checkpoints, the checkpoint coordinates were converted from SPCS83, OR N to UTM Zone 10N using NGS NCAT. It should be noted that some additional uncertainty was introduced in the coordinate conversion step, but this would have affected the results of both software packages equally.

Before making this type of statement, try contating someone at webODM do make sure this is correct and they agree with the statement.

If you’re using UTM coordinates in both programs, I think it’s safe to assume that the comparison is fair.

p.s. you can use PDAL to convert from UTM into whatever CRS you like (but yes, it’s not part of WebODM at the moment).

Are you writing a paper?

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You have piqued my curiosity. How do you deal with disparity of the SPSC being in NAD83 datum and UTM in WebODM generally being in WGS 84 datum? Does NCAT output WGS84 UTM? Thanks for any feedback you might have. Cheers!


yes I am writing a parer about the accuarcy of open source tool comapre to expensive software. At this moment, I am trying to compare WebODM to Pix4D. Any thing from you can help to improve the results.


Yes, The output is WGS84 UTM Zone #. Just type NGS NCAT in google

Yes i am using UTM in both software

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