Do the camera positions get mapped to any of the data outputs like the sfm ply?

I’m looking to import the point cloud with the camera positions into Blender. I’m used to seeing this in Meshroom and I don’t know how to search for this or where I would find it in odm.

Command line or WebODM?

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Command line

Bumping this question. Command line odm.
Sorry for duplicate replies, not sure if my other comment registered as a reply.

Command line makes it easier: check the opensfm directory. There are two reconstruction files there, one topocentric and one not. Take a look at that and the OpenSfM docs, and you should be able to get there. If you do: report back. If you still are stuck I can dig deeper in the next few weeks.

Thank you so much! That worked. I also had to install this addon Blender-Addon-Photogrammetry-Importer

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