DJI P4MS Errors

Screenshots are fine for now to show me what did and didn’t process.

As for sharing the products and input data, you can try as I mentioned above (run by UAV4Geo).

I cannot share the db at this time via the app - I cannot log into the cloud side as I keep getting a failure [ Cannot login: connection timed out ( ]. Meanwhile the desktop appears to be churning away at the db in question.

Have you tried uploading using the WebUI instead of the console app/desktop software?

The WebUI does not allow me to upload images because I cannot log into it.

Also, I cannot process this particular dataset via this desktop dronedb. I was able to see the RGB from a different mission. I cannot share screenshots here in this messaging thread b/c apparently I am a new user.

You are unable to login here?:

I’ve promoted your Trust Level. You should be able to post screenshots now.

Thank you. I cannot log in, here is a screenshot. I appreciate your time and patience.Dronedb login danstaley

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I’ve upstreamed this to Piero.

Hang in and we’ll get you sorted out.

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Sorry for the inconvenience; we’re working toward a fix. :pray:


Ok login is now fixed. :pray:


Thank you Piero and Saijin. Uploading now. I appreciate your time.



Update: I’m able to process non-RGB data and it completes, but is very stripey. 5-band non-RGB Ft Ord 1

I also cannot perform any raster calculations on this output in QGIS…

Have a link to the dataset?

That does look odd. What processing parameters did you use?

What error message do you get? QGIS should be able to handle COG/GeoTIFF without issue.

Thank you for your assistance again Saijin.

  1. I went ahead and got the license for the new droneDB. I was going to transfer the dataset that way, but I’m getting the same 443 message that I got the last time - presuming permissions again.

  2. I used the basic processing paramater “multispectral” and chose/deselected nothing else, just wanted to see if it would run and what would happen. I’m happy to get the 5-band at least processed, so there’s that.

  3. It just says ‘an error was performed’. I think the output from ODM isn’t separated automatically into the 5 bands separated like I’m used to getting, so checking into that.

Thank you again,


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Hello again:

Still running 5-band mosaicking instead of 6-band on ODM (leaving out RGB). It seems to be able to complete the process but the final orthophoto tiffs are quite…smeared and not consistent across different flights in different areas. Also when I try to query the dataset in QGIS I get a message:

  • Raster Calculator: an error occurred while performing the calculation.

I can do a simple ratio calculation like (band 4 / band 3)Ft Ord 1 ODM Mailer , but nothing else. Not NDVI, nothing. Presumably this is related to how the image is compiled…

Happy to send you a dataset or two so you can see the output, if you tell me where to send it to and how, seeing as last time the droneDB desktop idea didn’t work out.

Thank you,


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DroneDB went through a migration not long ago, and you may need to reset your password/credentials to use the website/app/CMD client. I did so and have had success with all three so far.

Give that a go, and if not, what Cloud Service provider do you already use (OneDrive, Google Drive, iCloud, DropBox, Box, etc)?

I did the desktop, and I got a program icon when I open it I get a “trial evaluation copy”, but there’s no way to transfer files, I may uninstall everything and re-try tomorrow. I use Google Drive, I’ll reply with a folder location for the data in the image above (still uploading).

Thank you,


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Sent an e-mail with link.

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Saijin, I’m getting a mail failure for the e-mail I sent with the data link. Have you received it?

Thank you.

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