DJI Mini 2 missing EXIF gimbal data - issue for ODM?

I just received my new DJI Mini 2 and then started to look into photogrammetry. I didn’t realize that DJI failed to record the gimbal roll, yaw, and pitch in the EXIF data for this drone. Will the lack of this information be an issue for ODM?

I was really hoping to be able to use the drone for more than just the basic photo and videos it’s good at. After seeing every other DJI drone was supported by most third party software I just assumed that the Mini 2 would be supported as well. Just completely baffled as to why they would omit this information.

It will still work, so long as the gps info is there.

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I can confirm the Mini 2 camera works fine with ODM. I recently got one and have been using it to produce orthophotos that I use for updating OSM.

Actually flying the missions must be done manually as DJI Fly doesn’t support waypoints and the SDK hasn’t been released for 3rd parties (yet - hopefully). So far I’ve managed ok for small areas.

ODM itself has been utterly painless on a relatively low end lap top with 16Gb memory.

You can see the results at: OpenAerialMap Browser


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Thanks. Looking forward to giving it a try.

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