DJI mini 2 JPG vs DNG files

Hi all .

I just finished our second "prototype " flight and got a much of Arial images. they were collected in both JPG format as well as DNG on the mini 2. The dng files are about 3 times larger then the jpg.

I was expecting them to be better, but opening them in windows photo, they apear to be worse, lower resolution/ blurry.

Is there a path to use these files (that in theory contain more information) within ODM? or is this even a bad idea?

Looking forward to your thoughts.


DNGs are nominally raw/unprocessed images. What you’re used to seeing from a typical JPEG from a camera has at the least been demosaiced and lens-adjusted with some level of exposure-adjusted, white-balanced, contrast-enhanced, noise reduced, and sharpened.

Make no mistake, those DNGs do technically contain more information, but post-processing them to match/beat what comes out of cameras these days is a challenge. If you’re working with scenes/data where radiometric resolution is your absolute highest priority, I’d say they’re likely worth your trouble. If not :person_shrugging: I can’t think of a compelling argument to use them other than great skillset/workflow to sharpen just because.

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