DJI Mavic 3M

Hi guys, I have a latest DJI Mavic 3M, the one with 4 band multispectral camera. I am wondering if it’s compatible with WebODM?

M3M’s multispectral camera only have 4 bands, G, R, NIR, RE.

I tried WebODM using only 20 images, it worked. However, when I tried to increase the dataset size, it reported an error: Cannot process dataset, even I set parameter [split] to 20.

Rendered NDVI with 20 images

It works fine in Pix4D Mapper with Ag-Multispectral template and customized camera parameters.

Rendered NDVI with full dataset


Hey Alfred,

Take a quick search on the forum: I suspect it’s the DJI hardware bug where when it doesn’t capture a complete set of all the images, and so then WebODM chokes on the partial datasets.

It’s definitely an error condition we don’t have a solution for yet, but would require you ensure all your shots have all the different sensors included.


Thanks Stephen,

I did separate the multispectral and visible images into two folders. maybe that’s the reason? Anyway, I’m going to try with full dataset.

If there is still a problem, I’d be happy to provide my dataset so we can check it together.

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It’d be more an issue if not having every frame from each band of the multispectral camera, so say you have 10 collections at four bands, you should have 40 TIFFs… If you have 39, you’re going to have a failure to reconstruct. You’d need to remove all images from that incomplete collection.

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