DJI datasets are taking really long to process

Recently, I have noticed that the DJI dataset is taking unknowningly very long to process. Is there any specific update rolled out?

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Nothing that should affect DJI datasets only.

What platform/version of WebODM?

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I’ve not noticed any increase in processing times with my M2P images.

Engine Version is 2.8.2.

What should be approx processing time for 13k photos (20 MP) with processing settings as auto-boundary: true, dsm: true, dtm: true, matcher-neighbors: 10, min-num-features: 14000, pc-filter: 0, split: 4000. The configuration of the server is 72 vCPUs and 640 GB RAM.

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I don’t have an answer for that, unfortunately.

Docker should be on v2.8.4 currently. Have you checked for updates?

No, not recently. Is it possible to stop the current processing, update and then resume?

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Yes, but depending upon what stage it is on, it might not save you that much time compared to just re-processing from the beginning.