DIY Ground Control Points

I would like to share my experiences with you who are on a budget and would like to DIY the ground control points (GCP’s).

You will need some MDF or wooden plates, glue and a checkered PVC floor coating. I was using this one
(non affiliate link)
Cut the wooden plates, cut the PVC floor coating, glue them, ready.
Total cost for 5 GCP’s approximately 30 EUR, the size is 30x30cm.
They can be well seen from 80 meters AGL

The second batch I did was almost the same, but I was using spray paint and painted a checkquered pattern.
Total cost is approx. the same but you could use more for the same amount of money.
PVC on the left, painted ones on the right.

Note that the painting is not perfect, the cut is not perfect and the gluing is not perfect. But this does not really matter. These GCP’s will be laying in the dirt and your UAS will see this much of them:

Do you see the imperfection? Thought so :wink:

200% zoom:

I know, this is not professional, and the wood will rot and will be wet and whatnot but it works if you are on a budget.


Incredible stuff! Thanks for contributing!

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You better see this:

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Update: I made another batch, this time I’ve choosen a bright magenta color instead of white and it works better. Also added a small printed note with my phone number and a text containing “don’t touch”.


Gotta love that Missing Texture in Source Engine vibe :smiley:

Love that color, too. Nothing in nature is that and it shouldn’t blow out nearly as a bad as white will in bright light.


If we stay on a non professional stuff and have childs you can try with some squared children’s rubbery carpet, the great advantage is that’s fantastically light to transport! :slight_smile:


Interesting, can you post more info, where to get it, what’s this exactly?

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Nothing more than a rubber play carpet for child made by squares about 30x30 cm interlocking, like the one in this link:

My has the numbers, letters and also nice animals :-), you assembly it with 4 squares of contrasting colors and it’s done, easy, light and also fits in a bag!

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Thanks, that’s a good idea, I’ve found ones without the letters too

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:+1: Italian fantasy :grinning: