Distortions and blurriness on orthophoto

I’ve been experimenting to find the perfect combination for generating orthophotos comparable to professional software. As you can see in the pictures above, I got decent results but there are some distortions and blurriness around vegetation and man-made objects(Point of interest are highlighted with translucent blue boxes). If anyone wants the orthophoto, here’s the link.

My System: Using latest docker nodeodm image on AWS ECS.
And here are the parameters that I’ve been working with:

                    "auto-boundary": true,
                    "cog": false,
                    "dem-resolution": 2,
                    "dsm": true,
                    "feature-quality": "ultra",
                    "force-gps": true,
                    "max-concurrency": 2,
                    "mesh-octree-depth": 12,
                    "min-num-features": 12000,
                    "orthophoto-resolution": 2,
                    "pc-geometric": true,
                    "pc-quality": "high",
                    "resize-to": 1600

If you also need the original images, do let me know. This orthophoto is the result of 36 images captured with DJI UAV.
I’ll be integrating lightning network in our project workflow, but I wanted to find out the perfect combinations that can cover a wide range of use cases, before we integrate the paid webodm service :smiley:

I think DEM resolution is always half of ortho resolution. If your originals have a GSD of ~1cm, set ortho resolution to 1.
Trees move around if there is any wind at all, so often come out blurry. Structures usually benefit from extra coverage from non-nadir angles, and pc_geometric is helpful with square edges/straight lines in buildings and machinery.

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Thanks! I didn’t consider the wind factor :blush:
I have 3 more questions:

  1. Will using 3D model for orthophoto improve the results than using default 2.5D. If yes, please suggest optimal parameters to get good 3D models. (Processing power is not an issue as I’ll be using lightning network)
  2. Despite using pc-geometric, there’s still some distortion in the structure highlighted in the first screenshot. How can I get rid of that?
  3. Can you suggest any more parameter optimization on top of the configuration I’m using? My goal is to get high quality orthomosaic and DEMs.
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