Disk image size

Hi! I recently installed WebODM on Windows 10 and Docker Desktop.

Initially, before installing, I set on docker Resources the disk image size to 256GB, but that didn’t reflected on WebODM Diagnostics page.

Then, I increased the disk image size on Docker Resources to 512GB and applied changes and restarted all, but on WebODM Diagnostic I still see the size limited to 58,4GB.

Maybe I am doing something wrong? Is that the right way to increase or set the available disk size? If it’s required to fresh install again, It’s not a problem for me. Thanks in advance!

Mm, seen this posted before, but can’t remember which topic.

Did you issue a ./webodm.sh restart after resizing?

Hi pierotofy,
Yes, I issued a restart, but nothing changed, always 58.4 GB, using. Before posting, I couldn’t find other topic with the same problem. Any other suggestion? Thanks!

Ah, here it was https://github.com/OpenDroneMap/WebODM/issues/803

I think a factory reset on docker might do the trick, but it’s kind of a “nuclear” option and wonder if there are workarounds. Also interested in knowing if somebody finds a better way.