Difficulty updating paid for version

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I am currently running a paid for Windows native version 1.9.11 and am trying to update to 1.9.15.

I have tried Tools/Check for Updates/ Yes to download and install 1.9.15 . When the process is complete I reboot my pc and when I run WebODM I have 1.9.11 again. How do I install this update?

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Are you sure it’s installed on right drive?

Thank you - APOS80 yes

I left the previous installation in place but changed the directory name so that I still had the old installation for reference

Are you using the original shortcut, which is pointing to the old installation?

Hi All

My shortcuts refer to c:/WebODM which is meant to be the new installation, but is not. I have found an installation on another drive which may be confusing the issue - so I have renamed that and running the installer again. I will update you all in 30 minutes or so when it is complete

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Dear all
Many thanks for your comments
The problem has been solved (WebODM had been installed in too many places)
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I’ve been there. The installer likes the drive with the most free space.

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Another one who’s been there :rofl: :+1:

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