Difficulty removing background from communication tower images with vegetation resulting in artifacts and blank images

I have a set of 2D images of a communication tower surrounded by vegetation. When I attempt to create a 3D model from these images, the result is a mix of vegetation and the solid texture of the tower, which is not ideal. To solve this problem, I tried to remove the background from the images, but this process is not perfect and often results in artifacts or blank images.

The tower image contains small nets and a lot of solid tiny components, which makes the background elimination process more challenging. I am looking for a solution to this problem that will result in a clean 3D model of the tower without any vegetation or artifacts.

I would appreciate any suggestions or advice on how to effectively remove the background from my images and create a high-quality 3D model of the communication tower.



Have you tried using our sky-removal and bg-removal Options?

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