Different tasks in 2 different computers

Hello everyone,

I have a little problem, I have 2 mac computers, in one there are several tasks that appear in the dashboard and in the other, only one!

However, it is the same account with the same connections.

Please enlighten me, if you can.


It sounds like you’re using WebODM Lightning as your processing node, correct?

If so, then what you are experiencing is the current correct workflow expectation.

Tasks do not “roam” from the Lightning Processing Node down to a client that didn’t issue the task.

You can always add it to another device by exporting the all.zip and then importing the all.zip on the target machine.

good evening and thank you for your answer,

I do everything by default at the software level on both computers.

I will look at your answer

Have a good evening



in fact, I have the 2 configurations which are the same, we are in the same processing node.

the updates are not the same, can it come from there?

it’s strange.

Please see, if maybe I don’t have account issues (multiple connection or other)

Thank you and good day



Normally I can not log in with my account anywhere and have the same info (files) on the ODM desktop?

I must have misunderstood what to do then

Thank you



ok , je vais faire du all.zip et exporter



Correct. You can see all the jobs from Lightning on https://webodm.net/dashboard , but they will not roam to a computer that did not issue that job.

I admit being lost between webodm and lightning, but I just saw on the site that you indicated to me, there are noted the differences, impeccable.

From the beginning of September, I would only devote myself to drones, so normally I would be more “aware” of the subtleties.

thanks again for everything


I found what I actually had before in the webodm tutorials :slight_smile:

From WebODM, you can then press the Add New button under Compute Nodes. For the hostname / IP field, type the IP of the second computer. For the port field, type “3000”. For the token field, type “secret”. You can also add an optional label for your node, for example “second computer”. Then tap Save.

If all went well, you should now have two Processing Nodes! You will now be able to process multiple tasks in parallel using two different machines




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