Difference with windows version

What is the difference between windows app (purcased) ad self installed version?
I ve self installed version but i have a lot of problem with it. I can’t set wlsconfig file so i have often problem with memory ram and disk space

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One key difference is the Windows version is native code, meaning it isn’t Linux code running on Windows via Docker/WSL2, like our FOSS release is. You don’t need to mess with .wslconfig or any Docker tuning, nor even have Docker nor WSL2 installed/enabled on your computer.

It also is meant more as a client or end-user install, so some features of the FOSS release aren’t enabled by default (local-network only link sharing, etc).

Also, as a bonus, it helps UAV4Geo (my employer) fund development of features that benefit the wider OpenDroneMap community.


Thanks a lot
Yesterday i bought the installer


Awesome! Thanks for supporting us, and I hope it gives you many fewer headaches :slight_smile:

Let us know how you get on! Show off something you make in #the-showroom if you’d like

hi in this week i did a lot of great works with web odm native windows, txn a lot :slight_smile: .
sometimes the process is slow probably it depends by resource (hardware used).
web odm don’t use all of resource (CPU -RAM) when it works the cpu usage is near 50%, same for the ram.
How can improve the resurce used by webodm?
sorry for my english

Da quando ho acquistato l’istaller per windows ho effettuato delle ottime ricostruzioni sia 3d che 2d apparte qualche bug risolvibile con il riavvio mi ritengo davvero soddisfatto.
Ho notato che alcunevolte la ricostruzione è lenta; se vado in gestione attività noto che webodm assorbe solo il 50% della cpu e della ram (la gpu non la usa proprio [ati readeon])
Come posso far struttare tutte le risorse hardware a web odm?
Vi ringrazio

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What CPU do you have, and how much RAM? WebODM should take everything it needs without your input, but certain things are still not fully multi-threaded, and certain things will not use all your RAM (and that’s fine).

Ram16gb ddr cpu amd fx8320 3.5ghz 8 core
Ssd 500gb gpu ati readon 2gb but odm don’t use it
I use odm for agricultural mapping (usally surfaces 2 10 ha with 200-800 photos token with mini 2 using litchi for flight plannig).

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It seems likely that WebODM is spending a lot of time swapping/paging out to disk, which will not use all of your CPU cores.

If you test a smaller dataset (50 images or less) what does the CPU usage look like?

Thanks a lot for your aupport

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Do you happen to monitor your CPU temperatures? It looks like it is throttling itself.

Cpu Temperature is near 55 °C

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Right click on graph and select logical processors.
Probably few cores are 100% and the rest are doing nothing or small amount.
Its an issue with python which doesnt use all cores for some processing and with windows version of WebODM in general from my observation. If you use docker version it seems to work more consistent.

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No odm use all 8 core, i ve reistalled and update it now semms solved tnx to all☺


T-Max for your CPU is 61C, so you’re dangerously close to Thermal Shutdown. I would not be surprised if it was throttling.

Given the age of the CPU, your thermal compound might be failing, or more likely since it is AMD, your thermal interface pad.

I’m quite fond of Arctic Cooling MX-4/MX-5 ceramic/non-metallic compound for the money.

I ve coller master liquid cooler. This cpu il ulocked for overclocking, i m not overclocking it, voltage is automatic, 3,4 - 3,6 ghz. I have this cpu since 2014
The maximum temperature that i saw is 68

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This is the core temp
I remeber when i bought this cpu the stock cooler was really low level. Loudy and hot. Since 2014 i never get problem with this cpu, but i never overclocked it
Tnx gooday

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Right, but AMD specifies 61C as the Maximum Operating Temperature, and you’re very close (if not sometimes exceeding it):

I would check that you don’t need to refresh your Thermal Interface Compound. 8+ years is quite long and most lose their heat transfer efficiency long before then.

For reference, my i7-6700k has a Max Operating Temperature of 100C, but it idles at 22C and I rarely see it go beyond 70C in full usage. I still have over 30C of headroom. Please check and see if your AIO Cooler needs to have the Thermal Interface Compound refreshed.

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I will do it and i will
add a fan to the case
Tnx for your help

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