Detect rotation on images


Using my Matrice 210 in program mode, I can get all the images I need. At the end of some lines, some pictures are taken while the drone is rotating. Thus I have few images with rotation blur (see example)
I would like to make a script to detect and remove those images. I search the internet and did not find what I need. Do you have any idea ? Maybe with AI, it will be possible.

Motion blur itself should be detectable with an AI / convolutional neural network, but that might be overkill.

Take a look first at file sizes: blurred images (depending on level of blur) are likely to be smaller due to compression efficiencies. You could also filter base on geography, choosing just the images at the endpoints in your flight path.

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It is true that most of my blurry files have smaller size but there are false positive and false negative.

I want to remove blurry images. Sometimes endpoints flight path images are not blurry. Then, I think I will have to work on the images.

I also thought about the exif data, but I don’t have acceleration values…

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