Depositing or copying WebODM files to Amazon S3/Local machine


I am new to WebODM, and I am trying to figure out a way to store processed files from WebODM (running in Docker) to either my local computer or if it’s equally simple my Amazon S3 bucket. Would this be a Docker setting or something that needs to be altered inside of WebODM settings/code?



This is an interesting feature, currently there’s no built-in mechanism in WebODM to do this.

So it would have to be changed in the code (or added as a plugin).


In a related question is it possible to download just the orthomosaic tile files by themselves? I have only figured out how to retrieved them from Docker by downloading “All Assets” which results in a lot of waste as I am only interested in the tile files and not the rest. Browsing thru the settings has resulted in nothing I could find mentioning this perimeter.



Currently, from the web interface, you have to download the “All” file. These are all good improvement ideas however. Would you be able to open a few feature requests (label them with the title “[Feature Request] …”) on (one for each separate feature) so that we may track them?