Densifying point-cloud completed - MEMORYINFO log message

Hi guys,

I noticed this in the log:
Fused depth-maps 4572 (100%, 26m26s959ms)
03:06:31 [App ] Densifying point-cloud completed: 679521294 points (1h44m56s566ms)
03:28:05 [App ] MEMORYINFO: {
03:28:05 [App ] VmPeak: 833080976 kB
03:28:05 [App ] VmSize: 820191000 kB
03:28:05 [App ] } ENDINFO

Does it mean the “depth map fusing” process consumed 833GB of data at its peak?
I’ve been monitoring its resource consumption and swap space usage only peaked at about 280megabytes, and hard disk consumption was about 450GB. My server has 512GB RAM so logically I would think the VmPeak & VmSize figures must represent a combination of RAM and hard disk…?

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That seems to be defined here, but I can’t comprehend C-languages:

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I did some searching about /proc/self/status which indicates VmSize refers to:
“the virtual size of the process” and
" VmSize also counts for memory mapped files (i.e. the executable file and all shared libraries it links to or other explicitly mapped files) and shared memory blocks" and
" VmSize accounts for all virtual memory allocations (file mappings, shared memory, heap memory, whatever memory) and grows almost every time new memory is being allocated. Almost, because if the new heap memory allocation is made in the place of a freed old allocation in the data segment, no new virtual memory would be allocated. It decreses whenever virtual allocations are being freed. VmPeak tracks the max value of VmSize - it could only increase in time".

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