Default templates for WebODM

Would it be possible to make WebODM a bit more user friendly by adding more templates for WebODM to use when running/creating projects?

For example, I have been using WebODM for some time know, and I find very hard to come up with the best settings to run my projects.
I like the quick orthomosaic option, and the high quality. But the high quality has brought me mediocre results, specially on the textures of the end result. I would like to run sometimes at the highest settings easily, as I run cloud instances and have the resources available.

I use Altizure, and Pix4D to match my WebODM results. Pix4D has a great user interface, where it is easy to increase the resolution, or textures, or model quality. Just slide the slider to the right for maximum quality, etc.

Also would it be possible to add an upload button to upload, and use templates that other users have created for similar results?

I would like to run a project with the highest settings, similar to what I can do with Pix4D. It is very hard to tweak the several parameters, when a regular user has no idea what they do in WebODM.

Thank you.