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Hello there, quick questions about current WebODM versions:

  1. Can it work with State Plane Coordinate Systems (i.e. NAD83-2011 Texas South).

  2. Can one specify both a geographic and projected coordinate system within my coordinate file? (i.e. WGS84 and WGS84 UTM Zone14N

  3. When running a project without any control, what does that table with GPS/GCP/3D Error Details represent, considering no ground control was used for georeferencing.


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Fun question, haha.

  1. What EPSG code is that CRS you’re looking to use?

  2. Mmm… Not sure. Don’t think so; Don’t advise you to do so. Specification only mentions one CRS.

  3. The variance between the stated camera positions and reconstructed camera positions, I believe.

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  1. EPSG: 6585

  2. Ok.

  3. On that note, I came to learn that unchecking the 'force gps" does not stop ODM from using your gcp file for georeferencing the model. However, there is a box to force use of EXIF information even when adding a gcp file. In this case, would the RMSEs shown in the report be some concept of model reconstruction accuracy (check points - related to a different thread, link below)?

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  1. Not in the current tool. I have a PR open to hopefully add a good number more EPSG codes.
    1A) Use the PROJ4 string for now:

  2. :white_check_mark:

  3. I think? My understanding in this area is lacking.

If one had to decide between using PROJ4 string you listed above and converting to WGS84 UTM, would you still recommend the PROJ4?

No worries, will keep testing.

I’d use the PROJ4 string :slight_smile:

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