Dataset without exif (Geotag in .txt)

I have 2 questions about cloud processing in WebODM.

*1. There is an option to add a .txt archive containing the Geotag to my images during the pre-processing step?

My orthophotos are generated without it, then i use a software that syncronizes the payload logs with the pictures and generate it. I can easily add this .txt file in Pix4d Mapper.

2. How can i add another dataset in the same project? (2 or more fly’s data).

Likewise the other question, i can do it in the other software by creating diferent projects, and before start the process, i create a new project, merging this existing projects.

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Welcome! Great starter questions :slight_smile:

  1. Yep! See here:
    Image Geolocation Files — OpenDroneMap 2.8.0 documentation
  2. We do not currently merge products from datasets, but if you process multiple Tasks within a single Project, you can view their orthophotos/DEMs together at once in the 2D Map View.
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