Dataset > 500

Hi there,

Just wanting to share the latest process of 559 images, taken in a grid fashion, 80º angle on the camera, and 85% side and front overlap.
A kickass 15 hours to process and an awesome result using “building” setting.

Thanks for all the help!



That looks great!

There was a wind of around 10m/s … the batteries on my phantom took around 4 hours to cool down … :blush:

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Wow! How many batteries did it take?

2 … basically it was 20 minutes (9 minute on one flight and 11 on the other) and still had between 15~20% on both batteries. my worry was only the fact that they were hot as hell and I was expecting something like this


but hey … lesson learned … no flying with outside temp > 35º and wind > 10m/s

Ha! I thought that was what actually happened.

Yes, those are challenges at the limit of what most hardware can handle.

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Well the hardware has to be taken to its limits … i’ve processed only one of the runs (north/south i think) and compared to the two runs on the original process. It seems that when ever possible, always photograph on both orientations. The model gets much richer in detail.

Can you show the parameters and settings of the task?

Just processed with standard “building” settings … i’ve stopped fidgeting with the settings for now.
For capture, two flights were done, one North/South at 50m with the gimble at 80º, and the second, East/West at 50m and gimble at 80º. Overlapping was at 85% front and sideways on both flights.

Really nice work, @carlozousa. What flight planning app did you use here?


Thanks for looking! I typically use precisionflight android software for planning.
In alternative, as in on some days that PF fails (I don’t understand why) I have:

Pix4d (most of the time)
DroneDeploy (very little)
DroneHarmony (very little)
3DSurvey Pilot (some times because randomly it doesn’t take the photos when it should but awesome cause it allows for “lines - as in roads/rivers” planning)

I also am about to try a new one, but I forgot the name. it’s installed on an android tablet and can’t recall the name (i’ll edit this when I find it).

Nice flights!!!