Data cannot be process

Good evening to all,
I have a serious problem with WebODM. I have a dataset of about 1300 images that I would like to use to reconstruct the map of a surface. As a configuration, I have a total of 15 physical computers with each 16 GB of RAM and interconnected via a Wifi. I have used a central machine as a master where I run the ODM and the clusterODM. The clusterODM manages to detect the escalated machines. When I load the data, it sends it to one of the machines and when I run the processing, it sends me back the error data cannot be processed. I bought your book and thought it would help me find a solution to my problem but so far it hasn’t. Can you help me solve my problem?
Kind regards,
Thierry Roger BAYALA

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Welcome Thierry!

Sorry you’re having trouble.

Are you able to share your dataset at somewhere like and your full processing parameters?

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