Dashboard task running [not starting] - completes the task on webodm.net/dashboard

Hello all - I have frequent problems with uploading tasks using the lightning node.

It all (images + gcps) upload fine but it will not complete on the webodm dashboard. It is just stuck in running mode and if I refresh the browser the time-counter goes back to zero.

The task always completes (behind the scene) and uploads the all assets to webodm.net/dashboard.

I then download the zip from webodm.net/dashboard and upload it again creating a new task on the webodm dashboard and all works fine.

But why ??

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Are you using the lightning desktop app? If so, could you open the app logs directory (from one of the top menus) and copy/paste the logs here? They might have some clues.


No - not using the desktop app. Running webodm from a Ubuntu server. The task will not generate any logs / task outputs what I can see.

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