Customizing OpenMVS


I am customizing OpenMVS and updatingthe git link in SuperBuild Cmake files in ODM. but to test for every single change, i have to build entire ODM to see it working.

any leads in translating Git link in cmake to standalone code reference?



I’m not sure we’ve given much thought to this particular need for rapid re-builds. I’m assuming you have ccache and/or sccache setup to help with re-compiles?

If you’re able to help contribute to address this, that’d be great!

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Thanks for the reply Saijin. can you please share your views if ccache let to fetch new code from GITHub every time?

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From what I understand, ccache and sccache only cache locally compiled code, so any git pulls you do that need a recompile will recompile just like normal. Anything that doesn’t need a recompile will come from the cache to save time.

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