Customize the UI of WebODM

hello everybody, and i want to greeting you for the software, great works !
I want to ask some questions:
It’s possible to customize the UI part of webODM thought Reactjs? how do it?

Hey @emmadal check

super, i find the soulution

I attempted to customize the interface so that I could hide tools and show cameras by default in the 3D model view. I managed to achieve this by editing the ModelView.jsx file, which had no straightforward true/false parameters so it was a bit beyond my limited development capabilities. However, since I’ve redirected to my domain, the interface has reverted to default settings despite my file still showing my changes.

Perhaps this is a subdomain issue or I need to develop a custom WebODM application from scratch.

It seems like something that could be included under Administration>Task>Potree Scene where initial view settings are saved.

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