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I’m currently working on a thesis project that requires the stitching of thousands of images to produce an orthophoto. I would like to implement some custom features to better suit my project.

It would very appreciated if you guys could provide some info/guidance on where to start and how to modifying the program.


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You could start by forking the ODM repository on GitHub and making your changes in a new branch there in your fork.

Would you eventually consider contributing them back upstream?

What kind of new, fun stuff are you implementing?

As im quite new to coding and github, for starters i just wanted to figure out how the program produces an orthophoto(and manipulate it), because it seems to me that the images uploaded does not need to be inorder, i wonder if there is a way to change the program to stitch images inorder and make it less memory intensive.

My end goal, is to overlay data that i’ve collected with other sensors on board my drone (such as temperature and other data) and overlay onto the images taken on the camera, to create a georeferenced image that displays other data such as temperature hotspot or magnetic hotspots.

And yes, if this does work, im more than happy to share the work ive done.

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