Custom settings disappear

Sometimes the custom settings disappear, like when forcing a restart.

Would be nice if you could save a file on the outside.

Andreas, how do you mean? Via the WebODM GUI or via the command line?


In WebODM I can “save” my own setting but it disappears if you shut down and restart from the menu. I don’t remember what’s it called now, it under one of the pull down menues at the top.

If the custom setting could be saved to a folder and imported when needed it would be better.

How exactly are you shutting down?

I’ve not yet seen this behavior.

Is your install to a directory that you have full read/write permissions to?

Have you ever been able to save your processing presets?

The preset is saved inside WebODM, don’t know why it disappeared. I have to do a test see if it happens again

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