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Im a new user with WebODM api. Is there any way to have my current GPS position on the map view for my project. Its perfect for example when I open a proces map on a tablet or smartphone?

Is there any way? Thanks in advance for any help!

Regards Henrik

Sounds like it would have to be added to the WebODM GUI. If you know Javascript (?), maybe you can add the functionality with a pull request?

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Hello and thank you for your reply. I’m not competent enough to solve this by my self.

How can I arrange for help to implement this on my installation? Are there people here who can “make” a plugin that solves a “my position on this device” function on the map in WebODM GUI?

Regards Henrik

Ideally, we would arrange to make an open-source plugin, and submit a pull request to the OpenDroneMap GitHub so everyone would benefit, not just your local installation.

Maybe we could start a funding campaign to hire a developer to make it.

Sounds brilliant!

How do we do? Can you help me set up a fund campaign and I will be the first to fund such work.
Im pretty new to this so sry for all questions :blush:


No problem!

I can set that up for you later today. I only ask you double check it to make sure I understand what you want.

Also, could you please see my funding drive and possibly donate to it if it might help you?

@henrik, please let me know if I described it right.

@pierotofy, this might be a candidate for a smaller funding drive.

Yes, as you describe it, that’s exactly what I think is missing. To be able to open a map in WebODM and see your current gps position in the map.


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