Cumputation time

Using WebODM native in Linux 16.04 running in Oracle VirtualBox with 8Go Ram - 70 Go disk for Virtualbox, I try to process 143 images (5 Mo per image) with 5 GCP (and Proj4 definition)

Process seem still running after 10:38:27 ?

  • Is there any way to see if process is really running
  • Is there any way to see intermediate results if I stop the process
  • Is a so long time normal

Thanks for your help

I’m curious: Do you have gps tags in your exif in addition to the GCPs?

Yes, I have.
Geotagg in Exif and GCP coordinates are OK, as they work in another software.

Hmm, it shouldn’t take too long to process then. The issue could easily be that you don’t have enough ram. What are your thought @pierotofy?

Shouldn’t take that long. I would try to restart WebODM and reprocess the dataset at a lower resolution (resize your images more). Node-ODM or a process worker probably got terminated without much notice by the OS.

Thank you. I will do that