Cuda not working in new WebODM

I was hoping Cuda would work with the new update, sadly I’d didn’t.

Any new on why this is?
Isn’t 6gb vram enough?


What error are you getting?

What card? What driver?

Asus GeForce 2060 6gig

Not enuf ram

How big are your images?

Build 57 for me
Running opensfm stage
[INFO] Maximum photo dimensions: 3644px (M2P X0.66 resize)
[INFO] Photo dimensions for feature extraction: 3644px
[INFO] CUDA drivers detected
[INFO] Using GPU for extracting SIFT features



I wonder how much vram is needed to overcome this issue.

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I suspect just a few more MB in your case.

I think you are talking about M2P images, so try resizing them by ~0.95X, ie resize 5472 to 5200, and it might work.

Or I can get a better gpu.

Has there been any progress on discovering why this issue exists, as it doesn’t seem reasonable that a 6GB card can’t handle a <15MB image.

I suspect another 100MB would allow your images to be GPU processed without needing to resize.

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I don’t have enough visbility into this part of our pipeline to comment at the moment, unfortunately. I do know Piero is aware and reading issue reports, however.

The only salient CUDA-related discovery I’ve made is that apparently, CUDA support version matching a CUDA library doesn’t mean it is all actually compatible, which explains why folks with cards that support CUDA 11.4 are having immediate crashes despite everything being “right” on paper. It seems like NVIDIA might be making undocumented deprecations for cards based upon architectures older than Maxwell (GTX 9xx).


Software like Meshroom and Colmap has no problem with my card so it shouldn’t be a problem for WebODM you might think.

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