Crosshatch flight questions

I think I need to do a crosshatch flight to get the accuracy I need.

But I’m the apps like Pix4D or GoodStation you set the overlap but if seems to be the overlap for every individual flight.

So how should I about overlap? As it’s two flights that overlap then a lower individual overlap is the right thing?

And maybe ten degrees from nadir?

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Have you checked out Stephen’s excellent blog series on flight planning?:

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Every time I see this I have pangs of guilt that I haven’t updated it… :smiley:

Honestly Pix4Dcapture’s crosshatch setting is basically perfect as-is. You want good orthos, make sure you have enough 10-degree shots. You want good 3D, make sure your total overlap is 83% and you have lots of 45-degree shots. But keep it to 75% otherwise.


”Total overlap”, does that mean the total overlap after two flights? In that case what would be the overlap of the first flight?

I think 60% in each direction will give you close to 85% total


Yes, it must be like that.