Crop = 0 but still crop the corner

curious about if there’s any other flags and options to help improve this situation.
I also tried switch auto-boundary on and off and it’s still the same

I’m also attaching a result I got from agisoft, which has the corner that I expected.



Can you post the ortho with camera positions shown?

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This is the location in agisoft

and here is the report in odm with the reconstruction location in it.
116-report.pdf (6.5 MB)


How much overlap did you have, were they all nadir images, and what settings did you use other than auto-boundary on/off?

Water is always difficult, but increasing number of features and using ultra feature extraction may help.

Are you able to share the images for others to have a go at improving the result?

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Yep, they are all nadir images. I was processing this for other people and they can’t remember the overlap they used to fly. But I’m not too fussy about the water features since they are always hard. More about the left corner where the trees are.
Here is a link of images

also, I’ve tried the following flags
--debug --fast-orthophoto --crop 0 --build-overviews --orthophoto-compression LZW --orthophoto-resolution 0.1 --min-num-features 16000

--debug --fast-orthophoto --crop 0 --build-overviews --orthophoto-compression LZW --orthophoto-resolution 0.1 --min-num-features 30000 --matcher-neighbors 0 --use-3dmesh --verbose --feature-quality medium

--debug --fast-orthophoto --crop 0 --build-overviews --orthophoto-compression LZW --orthophoto-resolution 0.1 --auto-boundary

but so far no luck.

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Looks like I don’t have permission to view the images.

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should have it by now. Sorry, forgot to update the settings.


With the below settings the corners aren’t chopped off, but there is virtually no water area included, and less vegetation towards the road is included

43 images 00:31:18

|Created on:|01/04/2022, 17:06:08|
|Processing Node:|node-odm-1 (auto)|
|Options:|crop: 0, dem-resolution: 1, dsm: true, feature-quality: ultra, matcher-neighbors: 9, mesh-size: 250000, min-num-features: 12000, orthophoto-resolution: 1, pc-classify: true, pc-filter: 0, pc-quality: ultra, pc-rectify: true, resize-to: -1, use-3dmesh: true|
|Average GSD:|2.26 cm|
|Area:|25,200.14 m²|
|Reconstructed Points:|15,255,916|

It looks like more sidelap could have helped a bit.


Omitting the most seaward line of images doesn’t lose any beach area from the ortho, auto-boundary helps slightly with including vegetation on the west end.


Are you using webodm or just odm?

Also, I’m wondering how much would dsm help. I usually use fast ortho since I don’t really need dem or 3d meshes. What would be the flags that is helping with the corner, would it be more of a feature quality problem or all those pc* related settings in your opinion?

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Windows WebODM.
I just included the DSM to see how it looked, it doesn’t affect the ortho. There is a slight bowing up in the middle, non-nadir images and or more sidelap could help with that.
Ultra feature quality and not resizing may have helped with the inclusion of the corner areas - however, dense vegetation and the onshore wind that was blowing at the time, which moves features between images, doesn’t help. Being able to discern more features in between the moving vegetation is important for getting the most out of the original images I think.


Beautiful work!

Gordon has you on an excellent path.


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