Creation of 2d georeferenced images with a custom basemap


I’m new to the ODM community, and am trying to figure out how to georeference some jpegs with my custom basemap in which they occur, if this is possible. I found some helpful information surrounding what’s going on under the hood (Where can I find background information on the concepts of ODM?), but am still somewhat confused on how to fully utilize ODM.

  1. As far as I’m aware, in order to georeference my photos with a basemap, I would need to have some GCPs linking up the photos with the basemap, correct? I’d like to automate the process of georeferencing, so I was hoping that it might be possible to do this with just the GPS coordinates of the drone taking the image, the image itself, and a basemap. However, I’m not sure if this can happen. If not, is there a way to automatically generate GCPs given this information?

  2. I saw in the link above that openSfm lets us go from images to camera positions and orientations – is there an easy way to access the calculated orientation of the camera for use elsewhere in my code?

Thank you so much – and my apologies if I’ve missed a basic answer to these somewhere in the forums.