Copy images to new project without reuploading?

  • I feel silly but can’t seem to figure out how to create additional tasks under a project (through the GUI)?
  • Do the tasks under a project use the same image sets (the Sheffield Park project on the demo dashboard suggests not, since the number of images in the 2 tasks are different)?
  • Is it possible to duplicate a project/task so that you can run the same image set with different parameters while keeping the original processing and not having to reupload the images?
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Hey @danbjoseph :hand:

  • Creating tasks is currently done by uploading images (there’s currently no way to create an “empty” task)
  • They do not, projects currently “group” together tasks that might be related (and for which results can be displayed all at once in the map view).
  • That’s an interesting use case, currently that is not possible, would you be able to open a feature request in our issue tracker on GitHub? (Use the subject “[Feature]” to avoid the bot from complaining).
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