Coordinate system

is it possible to define the output coordinate system to be different from the input? For example, I need the output to be in ETRS89. Is it possible to do this in webODM?



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No, not directly. If you want a specific CRS for your data, you’ll need to transform the products after the fact in something like QGIS.

Currently OpenDroneMap uses the most appropriate local UTM zone as the CRS for the data processing.

But with QGIS I can’t change point cloud coordiante system.

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If you want to georeference the pointcloud I advise you to look at this topic :

If you do not want to install fully ODM you should be able to achieve the same by installing pdal only.

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A little late but if you want to achieve the same thing for the orthophoto you ill need gdal and espectially galwarp (included in the install of ODM once again).
Then simply run :

gdalwarp.exe -t_srs EPSG:epsg_code file_input% file_output

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