Coordinate system for WebODM outcomes

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This is my first post, and I happy to join WebODM community.

I am working on WebODM to compare it with other expensive software packages. Anyway, I got point clouds generated using paid software packages, and the coordinate system is State Plane system for all point clouds, but when I generated point cloud using installed WebODM, the coordiante system was UTM. Are there other coordinate systems that I can use in WebODM?

My second question, what are the best parameters to get very good results? The study area is almost falt, and there are no building or other structures.

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I believe at current we only support UTM coordinate systems. You can always use QGIS or another software to warp into another CRS if needed.

Ah, that’s a very tough question to answer. You can always start by cranking up feature quality, pointcloud quality, and mesh quality, but ideally, if you’re going to be doing head-to-head comparisons, you should aim to keep these things as close as possible to each other software.

Check out these resources:

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