Coordinate Accuracy webODM

While running using webODM, the EXIF GPS data was as below with apparent coordinate accuracy on the order of some meters. I in serted the GPS coordinates using exiftool (didn’t matter if my coordinates had better accurcay, exiftool always plastered the coordinates in the EXIF at this two-digits after the decimal, i.e. order of meters)

But , using this page I was to look at the node at work which displayed coordinates with accuracy on the order of nano-meters… what am I missing? What is the actual accuracy I will get from webODM?

Lat/lon values are represented with floating point numbers, but that doesn’t mean they are “with accuracy on the order of nano-meters”. It’s just a representation of the measured value.

The accuracy of consumer grade GPS is always in the order of meters, so results will be within meters.

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