Contours in Feet?

Please excuse my ignorance, but is there a way to generate contour intervals in Feet instead of Meters? Not sure if it is a default with ODM or GRASS that can be changed. I’m trying to stick to a US standard such as 2’ or 10’ intervals for continuity with my other projects.

…on a side note, this is my first post but I’ve used WebODM on my iMac for a couple years and love it!

Thanks again.

You might have to modify and/or

You could add a new <select> element that chooses the unit in the ContoursPanel. This might require some familiarity with Javascript programming and GRASS. Or you could open a feature request on Issues · OpenDroneMap/WebODM · GitHub and perhaps see if someone is available to implement it.

Thanks a bunch, I will look into that.

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Did you find a solution to getting contour data in feet? I’m not the best programmer so following the links doesn’t really help me much. I would appreciate any update.


No, I gave up on it because I had to get a project completed, then I haven’t had any more projects since then. Still think it should be an option that should be added.

Thanks for the reply. I think I figured out a solution although not perfect. You can export the contours to multiple file types. I’m using DXF but you can choose any of the others. I selected my local state plane coordinate system in feet by finding the corresponding EPSG code. That does get contours in feet but the elevations are no whole numbers because of the conversion from meters to feet. I took the DXF file into AutoCad Civil 3D and remade the contours in feet intervals. Not a perfect solution but all I could come up without reprogramming.