Construction Map Tile overlay?

I was wondering if it’s possible to overlay a construction drawing/plan onto the base map after using MapTiler so this could be compared to aerial imagery

Hey @K2_Surveyors :raised_hand: could you expand a little bit in more detail your use case (what format are you trying to visualize, for what purpose, etc.)?

I was thinking it would be a good tool if you could add CAD drawings as layers in addition to the orthomosaics in a project using something like
It would be good for monitoring construction site progress. I hope I’ve explained myself ok?

Here it is in Drone Deploy but I would also like to see it on ODM as I have trialed a few versions of mapping and honestly NodeODM works best for me.

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This sounds like a good feature request:


Tried to post in there but said more info required.

Append “Feature request:” to the start of the title and the issue bot should stop complaining. Sorry about that.

Has anyone looked into this yet?>

Not that I’m aware of, unfortunately. We either need a contributor or funding to implement this.

Hi K2_Surveyors,

its few way to do this.
If you have rendered project in ODM then you can export orthophoto tiles to external server and:

  1. use QGIS and create project with own tiles and import .dxf file, merge them and export via qgis2web
  2. use OpenLayers