Console log time stamps

Some discrepancies in the console timing:
2021-11-06 14:25:27,542 INFO: Matched 10010 pairs (brown-brown: 10010) in 14554.645498599999 seconds (1.4540105393906093 seconds/pair).

which is 4.04 hours, yet the little clock timer said 3h 53m!

Also I noticed in the large area ortho I (mostly) completed earlier today the console log time stamps have a massive (>17 hours) gap between these steps:
2021-11-05 13:21:44,103 DEBUG: Undistorting image DJI_0982_5.JPG
[INFO] running E:\WebODM\resources\app\apps\ODM\SuperBuild\install\bin\opensfm\bin\opensfm export_visualsfm --points “E:\WebODM\resources\app\apps\NodeODM\data\ebbf01ab-138e-41c8-bcaa-fd6d0c7ad268\opensfm”
[INFO] Finished opensfm stage


2021-11-06 08:23:48,180 DEBUG: Final doc sections size summary

why is that?

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I also see a time discrepancy in the dashboard clock. However if you leave the dashboard and go to say diagnostics then back again to dashboard the clock time is refreshed correctly. I havent followed up on whether this time lag carries over to the logs.


That is a separate issue, I’d already gone to diagnostics to make it update in the example above. Before I made it update, it said it had only been going for 43 minutes, even though it had started hours earlier and I’d had time for riding my mountain bike 60km!

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Is there any way the green progress bar be made a bit more linear in its representation of progress?
I’ve been keeping an eye on it for many tasks, and notice the last half represents hardly any time, but today I quantified it.
3530 images M2P images resized 0.5X, Options: crop: 0, dem-resolution: 5, dtm: true, feature-type: orb, matcher-distance: 50, matcher-neighbors: 25, mesh-octree-depth: 12, mesh-size: 250000, min-num-features: 30000, orthophoto-resolution: 5, pc-quality: high

Progress bar was almost exactly half way at 27h 38m, and the job finished at 28h 04m. The 2nd half of the progress bar represented just 1.5% of the total time in this case.

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