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I am in architecture/construction and was considering software that would allow me to map and create surveys of empty lots, as well as survey buildings during construction. I have a DJI Mini 2 and could upgrade, but mostly interested in translating the data into 3D. Would ODM be a good software for those purposes?

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Welcome to this community, hopefully you will enjoy for using ODM.

Yeah, its good enough for such free and open source. It also rich for feature. For example, it can create DTM (Digital Terrain Model) + DSM (Digital Surface Model), measure distance and volume, create orthophoto, create contour from DTM/DSM, convert point cloud to various format (PLY, LAS, LAZ, CSV), and more.

If you need more detailed result but you doesn’t have good computer, you can try ODM cloud (called lightning) which is not free but it was affortable. It will run with powerfull computer (128 GB of RAM and High end AMD/Intel CPU).

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Welcome, Paola!

Ichsan gave you a wonderful summary!

WebODM should be more than up to the task for that type of work. We have some improvements that recently landed for AEC work that allow for fully-unfiltered Point Clouds for monitoring things like pilings and other structures on in-construction buildings.

About the only thing I’d recommend is that you make sure your flight plan is done carefully, with 85% or more overlap/sidelap, and that you do multiple levels of the survey (height above ground) with differing gimbal angles to help capture the sides of the structures as well as what you’d get from above with a nadir (or even better, almost nadir [80deg or so]) survey.

Thanks for the prompt replies -
How is the accuracy of the Mini 2, anyone had any experience or heard of someone using it for mapping, terrain,etc.?
Is dronelink+ODM a good combo in terms of setting good flight plans?

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The accuracy may well be enough. It all depends on what stadards you’re setting for your products. Proper GCPs will go a long way towards ensuring absolute and relative accuracy, if you’re concerned.

To add to what Saijin_Naib said: the Mini 2 will work fantastically for accuracy if your flight planner stops the drone at each photo point. If it is moving while the images are taken, there will be some accuracy issues associated with the speed of the sensor relative to the movement of the drone (rolling shutter effect).

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